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Model 8651A Single Channel Universal Power Meter

The Spanawave/Giga-tronics 8651A Single Channel Universal Power Meter has the extensive measurement capabilities and features you need to test today's sophisticated communications systems faster, easier and more accurately.

The 8651A can measure the CW power, peak power and average power of TDMA, GSM, and CDMA (both IS-95 and third-generation 10 MHz wide band) signals. CW measurement speeds (readings/second) over GPIB are >1,750 and modulated measurement speeds are >300. And the meter includes many time saving features such as automatic time gate setting, direct crest factor measurement, and statistical power measurement analysis.

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  • 100 kHz to 40 GHz Frequency Range, depending on sensor
  • -70 to +47 dBm Power Range, depending on sensor
  • Linearity ±0.02 dB
  • GPIB CW Measurement Speed (rdgs/s):
    • Normal Mode >300
    • Swift Mode >1,750
    • Buffered Mode >26,000
  • GPIB Modulated Measurement Speed (rdgs/s):
    • Normal Mode >150
    • Swift Mode >300
    • Buffered Mode >800
  • Uniform Sample Rate of 20 MHz and Random Sample Rate from 2.5 to 5 MHz
  • 20 MHz Maximum Diode Sensor Video Bandwidth
  • 10 MHz Instrument Video Bandwidth
  • Maximum CW Single Sensor Dynamic Range: 90 dB
  • Maximum Single Sensor Dynamic Range:
    • TDMA/GSM 60 dB
    • CDMA (IS-95) 80 dB
    • CDMA (10 MHZ bandwidth) 80 dB
  • 100 ns Maximum Peak Power Sensor Rise Time
  • Automatic Time Gate Setting
  • Direct Crest Factor Measurement
  • Statistical Power Measurement Analysis
Model #
Option 01 Rack Mount Kit with Handles (not available with Option 07)
Option 03 8651A Rear Panel Sensor and Calibrator Connectors (deletes all front panel connectors)
Option 05 Soft Carrying Case
Option 07 Side Mounted Carrying Handle (not available with option 01)
Option 08 Hard Transit Case (includes soft carrying case)
Option 09 Dual Power Meter Rack Mount Kit (assembly instructions included)
Option 10 Dual Power Meter Rack Mount Kit (factory assembled)
Option 12 1 GHz / 50 MHz Switchable Calibrator (required for 80701A and 81305A)
Option 13 8651A Rear Panel Sensor Connector Only (calibrator remains on front panel)