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Model GT-1000B, Microwave Power Amplifier 10W 100 MHz to 20 GHz

The Spanawave GT-1000B Microwave Power Amplifier offers linear high-power amplification across multi-octave bands. It is ideal for testing in EMC, wireless communications applications and Defense EW systems. For EMI/EMC and standards laboratories, the GT-1000B with 100 MHz to 20 GHz frequency range allows broadband testing without band switching or swapping narrow band amplifiers resulting in faster and more accurate testing.

The amplifier can be used in wireless communications and component testing wherever a highly linear amplifier is needed, such as testing RFICs and MMICs, or testing base station transmitters with high crest factor signals and high peak-to-average power levels. The GT-1000B provides high power for testing limiters, step recovery diodes (SRD), or driving traveling wave tubes (TWT).

The microwave power amplifier with excellent pulse fidelity is ideal for many Aerospace and Defense applications, including EW, ECM, ECCM, radar and satellite system signal simulation and testing. The GT-1000B is an ideal ATE system building block for boo2500B Microwave Signal Generator paired with GT-1000B Microwave Power Amplifiersting test signals to overcome cable and connector loss whenever long cable runs are needed in assembly bays, environmental test chambers or field locations.

The amplifier provides up to 40 dB of gain over the 100 MHz to 20 GHz frequency range.  An optional coupler/detector is available for external power monitoring or for external leveling a companion microwave signal generator. The GT-1000B can be paired with a Spanawave 2520B Microwave Signal Generator, increasing the overall output power while preserving the synthesizer’s fast switching speed, modulation, and high signal fidelity.
GT-1000B Power vs Frequency

Power versus frequency for the GT-1000B standard (2 to 20 GHz) and GT-1000B with option 06, covering 100 MHz to 18 GHz in a single amplifier.

GT-1000B Output Power vs Frequency (Typical)

GT-1000B Option 06 Output Power vs Frequency (Typical)

  • 100 MHz to 20 GHz eliminates band switching, reduces cost and complexity
  • Solid-state technology for low noise, high reliability and long life
  • Incorporates the CAP Wireless patented Spatium™ spatial combining architecture solid-state amplifier. The Spatium™ technology amplifier is based on a solid-state parallel MMIC technology with exceptionally wide bandwidth and high power. The unique circuit topology is highly reliable, with performance that excels where extremes of bandwidth and power are demanded.
  • Ideal for EMC, Wireless Communications and Defense EW applications
Model #
01-Add internal coupler/detector for external ALC and power monitoring
02-Type-N (f) input and output connectors
04-Both input and output connectors on front panel
06-Add 100 MHz to 18 GHz Frequency Range
46 - Add Rack Slide Kit